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  • I have only met Kirsten ‘virtually’ during lockdown; she is extremely personable and provides such great direction that I feel like I actually know her. I was a Pilates novice and she has already transformed my body. Kirsten is a fantastic instructor that makes you feel entirely at ease and provides constant tweaks of improvement. I highly recommend her to absolutely anybody that will listen!

  • Kirsten is a very knowledgeable, attentive Pilates instructor. She adapts exercises to suit her participant's individual needs and her background in dance adds to her expertise.

  • My husband and I have been taking classes with Kirsten for 3 years, initially in our home and now during lockdown online in a group. Kirsten is a wonderful teacher, who is able to adapt her teaching to individual needs. Her classes are fun, but demanding (that's good!). She was also a huge support when I was seriously ill, adapting the exercises to my reduced ability and cheerfully guiding me back to fitness. I wholeheartedly recommend her to both beginners and to anyone wanting more advanced Pilates classes.

  • Kirsten really takes care of each of us in the sessions, carefully monitoring our movements and postures. She also takes the time to explain what are the movements, their benefits and I am learning that there are tiny muscles that you never really worked on or knew they existed! You feel the benefits even after an hour session with Kirsten, much safer being with an experienced instructor than using an app. She is also really kind and lovely - thank you, Kirsten!

  • I have been lucky enough to have Kirsten as my Pilates teacher for the last six years. She transformed my untoned, achey, arthritic body into something I had never experienced before! I am stronger and more confident inside my own skin, and have far less achey, painful days now that I am fitter. Kirsten is incredibly attentive, whether in person in the studio or via live streamed classes, always watching her clients carefully and tweaking their movements for safe but challenging work outs.

  • I thoroughly enjoy the Pilates classes I do with Kirsten via the internet.

    Her manner is always cheerful, her instructions are clear, well delivered and easy to follow. She goes out of her way to accommodate any of us who have a twinge or injury. She has certainly helped to get me back on the healthy exercise road. Thank you Kirsten

  • Great classes. Kirsten gives the personal touch and attention to detail even through online teaching. Muscles have woken up that were asleep for years before!

  • I have been taking Kirsten’s online Pilates classes regularly during lockdown. I am ballet trained but wanted to improve my core, flexibility and strength generally. I was new to Pilates but Kirsten’s classes have already made a significant difference. She is an excellent teacher who describes and demonstrates her exercises really well. She watches all her clients carefully, giving personal corrections and keeping a cheerful but professional vibe going throughout the class. I am highly impressed and would urge anyone to join.

  • I've attended Pilates classes regularly for the past couple of years and have been taking Kirsten's classes 4 times a week for the last 3 months. Her classes stand out as they are so well thought out, varied, and always challenging. As a professional dancer I have a good level of strength and stability, but I've definitely gained more control and learnt so much more about my body from taking her classes. Her positive energy and encouragement make her a wonderful teacher, and her extensive knowledge and strong technique is clear to see. I can see and feel the results- I couldn't recommend her classes more!

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